Candace Ansel

Candace Ansel’s 100-Foot Journey

This week we were inspired by Candace Ansel’s 100-Foot Journey and her battle with breast cancer. She changed her life with one small step and is living a healthier and better life.



“I was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 months ago. After some inspiring people were brought into my life, and after some introspection, I became a soy free vegan who practices a whole foods and plant based diet! This was so extreme from what I’d eaten for the first 48 years of my life but, it became an adventure into a territory I never would’ve expected to enter! I not only began to feel better, than I have ever in my life, but I loved the food I was eating. Most of all, I have learned to cook and have really become a “foodie.” I always despised cooking in my past life and it has now become my passion. It’s very therapeutic for me and it’s also helping me beat the disease. I’m teaching my friends to cook and follow this whole goods plant based life style!”


To submit your own 100-Foot Journey email us at journey(at)100footjourneyclub(dot)com. Each week we will feature the story that inspired us the most and that person will receive a signed copy of THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY by Richard C. Morais.

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